Laudi Vidni

Plan in Style With Your Custom Luxury Handbag

Plan in style with luxury handbag designer, Laudi Vidni! Design your own stylish, customizable bag with a beautiful selection of fabric, clasps and purse structures. Laudi Vidni, individual spelled backward, is a curated collection of more than 25 customized handbags made of sumptuous hand-selected leathers, exquisite linings and hand-brushed hardware. Designed with the highest standards of artistry, your Laudi Vidni bag will be every bit as durable as it is beautiful: All handbags undergo a rigorous design process and are wear-tested before selling. Created for work or play, they are available in basic neutrals, vibrant colors and an impressive selection of patterns and styles. (Psst: Laudi Vidni caters to men, as well!) Whether you’re heading to a meeting or socializing afterward, turn heads with your new luxury Laudi Vidni handbag!