Wanna Get Away? Skytrax Rates Low-Cost Airlines

As flying becomes cheaper, we have seen an increase in low-cost airlines. These airlines have cropped up all over the world and while their prices may be similar, quality ranges drastically. Skytrax, an independent airline and airport consultancy, has released certified ratings of low-cost airlines around the globe on a scale of 1–5 stars. Ratings are based on several categories measuring cabin staff service, on-board product and airport services, so you can make sure your low-cost flights aren’t compromising on comfort or convenience.

  • West Air (Asia) is consistently good with between 3 1/2 and 4 stars in every category.
  • easyJet’s (Europe) highest ratings are for online check-in options and carry-on bag allowance, although their ratings are relatively even with four stars in almost every category.
  • Norwegian (Europe) has five stars for website language options, online check-in, the ‘manage booking’ function, in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi and website information about extras. Interaction with customers from cabin staff received the lowest rating at three stars.

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  • flydubai (Middle East) customers are happy with their checked baggage allowance but gave only 2 1/2 stars for on-board washroom amenities and transfer service assistance in the Dubai airport.
  • Spring Airlines (Asia) is average yet consistent with 2 – 3 1/2 stars in every category.
  • flybe (Europe) satisfies customers with a 4 1/2 rating for online check-in but lets them down on the flight with a three-star rating for interaction with customers and language skills of cabin staff.
  • Ryanair (Europe) has terrible (one star) ratings for over-sized cabin baggage price, delay information / service, airport check-in charge and carry on allowance. This is balanced out by good on-board products and cabin staff service.
  • fastjet (Africa) has big disparities in their categories with a 4 1/2 rating for carry-on baggage allowance but received only one for on-board comfort items.
  • JetBlue Airways’ (North America) highest ranking is for on-board Wi-Fi and connectivity at 4 1/2 stars but has relatively low ratings for cabin staff services.

  • Spirit Airlines (North America) has the lowest ratings among all 17 airlines with a one-star rating in five categories, most of which are customer service based. The highest rating is four stars for attention to cabin safety.

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