A SmartER newsletter

You may have already noticed that we recently redesigned the Smart Meetings e-newsletter in a pretty drastic way. Our crack team of designers, coders, editors, writers and creative minds weighed in on the look and functionality starting back in June as we were looking ahead to 2010.

If I can have a little tech-geek moment—next year Microsoft will release Office 2010, which will include a new version of Outlook. This version of Outlook is causing a bit of a to-do in the web-development world because it’s going to do things differently so people will have to code specifically for it. It’s not impossible to work with, it just takes more work. Our new format is ready for it, so if you upgrade to Office 2010, you’ll still be able to get your news from us the same way you always have.
So in mid-July we had a design finalized, ready to deploy in January; but like a kid on Christmas Eve, we started getting antsy. We knew this new design would be a more effective resource for our readers. There’s more news, less clutter, and sending it out every week rather than every other week would help meeting planners stay on top of the constantly changing world in which we work.

“Why wait?” was the question asked once we had it ready. Why indeed. We began sending the new design out the first week of August. You can sign up to receive it, if you don’t already, by clicking on the far top right of this page. And be sure to add smartmeetings@brightbizmedia.com and smartnews@brightbiznews.com to your safe sender’s list, to ensure delivery.

Take a look at the new design and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment here or send an e-mail to pressroom@smartmeetings.com.