Meetings 2020: Companies to Watch

Meeting Planning

Keep your eye on these innovative event management and mobile event app companies. They’re in line to make the experience you see on these pages a common reality by 2020, and they’re sure to be players in meetings of the even more-distant future.

One example is cloud-based booking technology by Passkey, which lets planners, destinations and hotels manage the hotel booking process for meetings and events of any size. Its new PasskeyANYWHERE is a portal that provides planners with a central location to manage events and free access to tools including planner hotel reviews, preferred hotel and venue search, and event histories. Planners can offer attendees a dedicated, branded hotel booking website where they can enjoy various stay and upgrade options such as ordering wine for their room and paying for parking ahead of time.

Certain’s integrated event management platform provides powerful branding capabilities. By integrating with marketing automation and CRM systems, Certain helps customers incorporate events into broader sales and marketing initiatives, and manages event check-in. White papers include “How to Improve Lead Intelligence with Event Data.”

Cvent’s software and expansive database are used to plan events, find venues, manage membership data, create mobile apps, send surveys and develop strategic meetings-management programs. They also offer hotels a targeted advertising platform to reach planners looking for venues. Among products in development: a “social wall,” where attendees’ photos, tweets and other social media are projected, allowing real-time sharing and engagement, and a snapshot of the event and mood.

DoubleDutch recently incorporated iBeacon into its event mobile apps, which lets planners pinpoint attendees’ location within an event. DoubleDutch was designed from the ground up for maximum engagement; every app is built upon a central activity feed that showcases event interactions such as trending sessions and exhibitors. Its technology has been integrated with more than 60 different event tech platforms.

Etouches is a complete event management platform that offers a module for every aspect of the meeting cycle, from registration to a mobile app. Etouches understands that data should flow seamlessly between different software, so its platform integrates with other best-in-class software to provide clients with a solution to every need.

EventMobi’s Fusion app can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktops as well as offline, and every aspect of the app can be changed on the content manager. The EventMobi support team offers creative tips, quality checks and post-event analytics debriefings.

Lanyon recently merged with Active Network Business Solutions to offer planners, event marketers and suppliers next-generation meeting tools and data.

Livecube’s event app encourages audience participation and engagement through gamification and social interaction. Attendees can instantly share and see relevant, trending topics and photos. The app provides data on reposts, check-ins and number of tweets per attendee. Popular ideas go to the top of the discussion; attendees earn points and badges based on participation. At the end, attendees have a record of ideas and networking connections.

Nice Meeting turns mobile devices into interactive second-screen event platforms, letting them interact during presentations on their devices in real time, communicate with each other, share files, negotiate with the speaker, ask questions and make notes.

Pathable, an event-experience suite, partners with the likes of Cvent and Certain. After registration with those services, attendees go to an event’s Pathable site for agendas, handouts, speaker and attendee profiles, schedules, exhibitor and sponsor listings, interactive trade show floor maps, discussion forums and online community. Its newest technology adapts to “flaky” Wi-Fi, avoiding attendee frustration.

QuickMobile is a leader in the mobile event apps arena, creating always-on communication channels to help events, teams and venues offer richer attendee experiences. Features include interactive floor maps, advanced gamification and matchmaking by mining attendee profiles. The company produces relevant white papers, webinars and data-driven best practices, as well.

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