Executive Check-ups


The Monterey Program for Executive Health

When a corporate executive participated in The Monterey Program for Executive Health in California, he expected a routine physical analysis. Instead, he received a surprising diagnosis: He had lung cancer.

With results such as these, it’s no wonder executive health programs are generating increasing notice. Lasting anywhere from a few hours to several days, they integrate such vital services as diagnostic tests, physical exams, and fitness and nutrition evaluations, taking wellness to new heights.

“These programs help prevent diet- and stress-related chronic illness caused by demanding schedules and sedentary habits common in the corporate setting,” says Dr. Craig Geiler, a Stanford University-trained internist who leads The Monterey Program. “In so doing, they help secure the future productivity and success of businesses.”

Here, we outline some new and stalwart options of particular interest to planners. Some are associated with universities or medical centers and offer hotel lodging nearby, while others are located on the grounds of meetings-friendly resorts. Though often pricey (many cost thousands of dollars), the programs needn’t break the bank, thanks to frequently offered corporate discounts and insurance coverage. The medical benefits are usually well worth the investment.

Medical Center Programs

The Monterey Program for Executive Health

This program, located at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, began last year and had its official launch last month. It pairs medical assistance from physicians trained at Stanford, the University of California at San Francisco and Yale with a California coast setting and facilities that Geiler says rival those of a five-star hotel. “At The Monterey Program, we transform essential preventative care into a unique, personalized health experience in an exclusive and relaxing setting,” he says.

A full evaluation takes about six hours, with three to four clients accommodated each day. Planners can arrange for executives to undergo evaluations on different days throughout a retreat, and a technician can come directly to the group’s hotel for pre-evaluation analysis.

The waterfront Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa offers a preferred rate and has suites set aside for participants. The luxurious Holman Ranch, Pebble Beach Resorts, Bernardus Lodge and Carmel Valley Ranch are also program partners. All can pick up clients directly from the airport and chauffeur them to the hospital campus during their stay.

Cleveland Clinic Executive Health Program

In the 2012-13 U.S. News & World Report hospital rankings, Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic was rated the fourth best hospital, and its cardiology department was named the best in the country for the 18th consecutive year. With such a pedigreed name behind it, it’s no surprise that the clinic’s Executive Health Program is a top choice. The program involves six to eight hours of highly customizable testing, with executives able to pick and choose among services including adult vaccinations, bone-density testing and cardiac health examinations.

Medical concierges help facilitate hotel and airfare reservations and secure corporate discounts. For lodging, the InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center connects to the clinic via climate-controlled skyway.

Resort Programs

Canyon Ranch Executive Health Program

Canyon Ranch resorts in Tucson, Ariz., and Lenox, Mass., partner with the Cleveland Clinic for this in-depth program that recommends a minimum four-night stay. Before arrival, participants have a scheduled call with a program adviser and a phone interview with a nurse educator. Onsite, they are paired with an integrative physician specialist, exercise physiologist, physician and behavioral health therapist. Once the program is complete, they receive a binder and digital CD with test results and recommendations.

Rancho La Puerta Executive Wellness

In April, the luxurious Rancho La Puerta resort in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, launched this program, which pairs executives with experts from the renowned Lifewellness medical-testing center in San Diego, about an hour away. Participants undergo medical tests and evaluations and are paired with a nutritionist and fitness consultant to map out meals and exercise programming. When the experience is complete, they are provided access to a physician dietitian and fitness consultants for follow-up needs.

“A group could hold a meeting at Rancho La Puerta or the Baja region, and the executives could fly in the day beforehand and do the Lifewellness testing before joining the rest of the group at the ranch for the reminder of the visit,” says Roberto Arjona, general manager of the property. “Or it could be an add-on stay for anyone taking part in a meeting in San Diego.”

A Life-Changing Choice

At the least, programs such as these can help executives lead healthier lives. At the most, they can be lifesaving. Consider the lung-cancer patient at The Monterey Program, who was cured due to early detection and treatment.

“There are a lot of examples in the news of high-powered executives running huge companies who have maybe neglected their health,” Geiler says. “If someone gets diagnosed with something serious but preventable, it’s tragic. Making people more aware of programs like ours could potentially save lives.”

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