When the Event Ends, Take Time to Rest

Tips to Relax After an Event

You’ve worked for months or maybe even years to pull together an event. Now that is is over, exhaustion takes over. Even if an event went well, it’s not unusual for a touch of depression to set in. It is likely your body telling you it’s time to take a break.

Here are some ideas from Cvent to help with that.

Preparation: Get your home and office in order so you can return to a peaceful setting and relax.

Rest: This is the single most important thing you can do after an event. Return to your room and soak in a hot bath or a Jacuzzi and take a nap. Consider room service and a nice bottle of wine. Sleep as long as you need to.

Regeneration: Explore your destination (or arrange a stopover for a couple of days on your way home). Pace yourself.

One planner told Cvent that during a Paris stopover on her way home from an event, she explored the Louvre and paid a visit to Monet’s House. That did the trick for her.

Consider a hotel near the airport on your last night in town. That guarantees no rush the next day to catch a flight home.