Practice Makes Great for Professional Keynote Speakers


Micah Solomon is a customer service keynote speaker and bestselling customer experience author.

Micah Solomon is a professional keynote speaker, and he has some advice that could help anyone distinguish themselves at a meeting, event or convention

Solomon says his main tools are his voice, his subject and his slides, and anyone can utilize the same elements in their presentation.

Other ideas he offers, according to, include:

Don’t overload. Packing in the information doesn’t help an audience’s retention of the material. It’s better to make fewer points, and make each of them in a memorable way.

Use slides with either no words or only a handful, not the endless bullet pointed items that are the norm.

Rely on unusual visuals–photos you have taken yourself, rather than stock photography. The goal is to use imagery that won’t be automatically ignored or dismissed by the audience’s mind.

Pull the audience in.  Once or twice in the course of a keynote speech Solomon withholds an answer until the audience, by doing some small activity is able to figure the answer out on its own. This gets people involved .

Use emotion, specifically:

  • Humor:  Solomon says he can’t stop being comical. He says watching comediens is a great idea.
  • Poignancy: Solomon used to shy away potential tear-jerker stories, but now he uses them.