Mark Schulman
Mark Schulman: Boost Your RQ—Rockstar Quotient

Famed drummer Mark Schulman is a dynamic performer in his own right with a strategic business mind and passion for helping audiences boost their R.Q. You will learn:

  • Top performer tricks for innovating and communicating with audiences large and small
  • Tips for more effective sales, leadership and team building
  • How to break through barriers to success

Mark Schulman on YouTube
Traci Brown
Traci Brown: Fraud-Busting Secrets from a Body Language Expert

Certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistics, hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna Traci Brown has trained alongside law enforcement to catch people in lies, a business skill that can lead to better outcomes and clearer communication. You will learn:

  • How to catch a liar in the act
  • What people are really thinking
  • Persuasion skills for getting what you want

Traci Brown on YouTube
Jonathan Bradshaw
Jonathan Bradshaw: How Behavioral Science can Make Your Meetings More Meaningful

The founder of Meetology is putting the power of behavioral science to work in the meeting setting to develop world-class social skills. You will learn:

  • Practical tools for connecting with everyone you meet
  • Psychological insights that will improve professional and personal interactions
  • How to cocktail party like a pro

Jonathan Bradshaw on YouTube