Love at The Smart Meeting

It’s the second day of The Smart Meeting at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah, and love is in the air. Yesterday’s morning speaker, Lisa Earle McLeod, taught us how to bring love into our business approach. Instead of looking at the “either/or” side of a business conversation, meeting and relationship, she taught us to embrace the “and,” go into a meeting with uncertainty (or with an open mind), and learn to love.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that love in business is unprofessional. It’s too mushy, too feely and too emotional. But, what is the ultimate phrase that you want someone to say about your hotel, meeting, conference or event? That they “loved” it! It’s probably the best compliment you can receive. Then, on the other hand, how do you want to feel about the work, as well as co-workers, that you spend so much time with? Ideally, we want to love them. We’re all looking for that passion or dedication in our work, but we’re all scared to say what it really is…love.

So many of our attendees were inspired by McLeod’s speech that one woman said she teared up during it. Another immediately e-mailed a VIP of a company that she works with to tell her how much she loved them. And the response back: They love her too! I think that while some may think it’s cheesy, by embracing love in our everyday life—as well as staying open-minded—you can get a lot more out of your relationships, whether they’re professional, personal or someone you just met at a dinner.

Up next for The Smart Meeting is an afternoon at Utah Olympic Park with the Flying Ace Aerial Show, bobsled rides, a zip line and an alpine slide. From the feed back we’ve heard so far, I’m sure the attendees will LOVE it!

Images are courtesy of Specialty Imaging International.