Destination: Texas


449 - 4982 ft

16° f - 108° f

About Texas

When it comes to a Texas state of mind, Sam Houston perhaps said it best: “Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision.” That feeling expressed by the Lone Star State’s founding father still holds true today among Texans who maintain their own brand of pride, a heritage shaped by two centuries of living along a rugged frontier, one that stretches 773 miles from the western barren desert plains to the verdant East Texas pine forests. Encompassing 268,000 square miles, Texas has it all—from the West Texas mountains’ rugged “cowboy country,” with wide-open spaces, to South Padre Island’s white-sand beaches, to grassy wetlands and bayous along its Gulf of Mexico shoreline.

What captures the attention of meeting planners, however, is what the state’s sheer size has to offer. Texas is home to three of the nation’s top 10 cities: Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, all with major meeting venues and premier museums, performing arts and cultural attractions. And because of its central location and airport hubs, traveling to Texas can often mean a direct flight from many U.S. cities. Add abundant sunshine and a wide range of venues to choose from, and it’s no surprise meeting planners are eyeing Texas in a big way.

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