Destination: Montana


3180 - 3180 ft

15° f - 79° f

About Montana

This is where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play—as well as moose, bear, fox and all manner of free-roaming wildlife. This is Montana, a wilderness paradise of unbridled beauty and wide-open spaces.

When you’re the fourth-largest state in the country in area and 44th in population (behind Rhode Island), the great outdoors is your calling card. In fact, sections of the state are so unspoiled they look much as they did when Lewis and Clark journeyed across the length of what would become Montana back in 1805.

With such spectacular nature and fabled western history (the Gold Rush and the Battle of Little Bighorn also took place here), nothing will be ordinary about meeting in Montana. The state’s landscape is diverse and dramatic, with the Rocky Mountains running through the western half of the state and lesser ranges, prairies and badlands in the east. And given its size and diversity, the climate can be just as varied. Winter is truly a wonderland here, with snow-covered peaks and their corresponding ski resorts offering a full range of outdoor recreation, including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, as well as such unique activities as ice fishing and dog sledding.

By contrast, “Summer in Montana,” as the author Tim Cahill wrote, “is like the best piece of pie you ever had.” Besides the explosion of wildflowers and grasslands, summer offers visitors numerous nature activities, as well as a host of outdoor events and festivals to enjoy. Spring and fall are less crowded but still provide plenty of activities.

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