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What Makes California the Perfect Conference, Convention or Meeting Destination?

Globally recognized as much for being a beach capital as an environmental awareness hub and cultural hot spot for young Hollywood—the golden state of California offers the ultimate in possibilities for destination meetings. Whether planning a conference near its sandy coasts or scheduling a corporate event amidst the striking desert or towering mountains, California leaves corporate attendees and vacationers longing to return.

The regions that make up this state are as varied as they are intriguing, and this leaves meeting planners with a great problem to have – choosing between so many great options. One way to narrow down the destination meeting choices California offers is to visualize the type of corporate event being planned.

For a hot and sunny, laid-back beach locale, try San Diego on the southern coast, which boasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year. For a more active urban scene, nearby Los Angeles lives up to the hype—the electricity and spectacle of Hollywood will keep attendees charged, in and out of the boardroom.

For something more low key, take the meeting to the great outdoors—a commodity that California has a lot of. Tahoe is a true four-season meeting destination, offering ample meeting room options alongside winter snow activities and summer water sports.  For an even more remote option, Yosemite National Park is rife with hiking trails for all levels, perfect for team building activities or corporate retreats.

As you can see, each region in California has perfected a specific flavor and personality to suit any conference or meeting. With so many destinations outfitted to accommodate events large and small, planning a meeting in California becomes a natural choice. The hard part is choosing which region!

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