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7 Game-changing Coworking Companies

Working from home always seems like a good idea until it’s not. Logging in from the comfort of your pajamas might sound delightful, but those who have taken a WFH day know it can be a double-edge sword. Distractions are abundant and structure sparse. Not to mention, it gets pretty darn lonely. The human connection…

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6 Terms to Familiarize with Before 2018

The New Year is just around the corner. And keeping up with the latest trends should definitely be on your resolution list. In an ever-changing industry, corporate planners are expected to always be at the cutting edge—whether its tech, design, F&B or marketing.  Here are some terms to learn before the ball drops. 1. Crowd-shaping…

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9 Buzzword Alternatives

Buzzwords are irritating—plain and simple. Whether you’re writing up an event program, blog post or even just a Tweet, it’s time to showcase fresh terms.

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Don’t Underestimate Your Potential

Leadership expert Mark Sanborn challenges you to disrupt yourself Mark Sanborn probably doesn’t have anything to teach meeting professionals—or most other people, for that matter—about their industry. But the award-winning speaker, author and leadership expert has plenty of insights to help all of them. “I can’t teach John, our chief cardiac surgeon, about medicine or…

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Building the Best Planner Resume

You might have the most experience, top qualifications and the best-suited skills for the job, but if your resume fails to properly highlight these points, it might all be for nothing. The reality is that we live in a competitive, fast-paced world. So if your resume falls short of astounding, it will likely end-up hidden…

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5 Tips for Winning a Promotion

You may be the world’s best venue negotiator, but do you know how to position yourself for a step up the career ladder? Here are some helpful tips. 1. Know thyself. Lisa Quast, author of the award-winning book, Your Career, Your Way, advises a personal SWOT analysis to understand your differentiators and the special skills or experiences that make…

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5 Strategies for Communicating with Difficult Employees

Let’s face it, not every employee is easy to work with every day. Our job as leaders is to find ways to not only tolerate, but also motivate and coach every person on our teams to achieve at the highest level possible. Or at least to protect the rest of the staff from toxic attitudes….

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5 Tips for Organizing Better International Meetings

In our global world, international meetings have become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other mobile technologies make it easier than ever to meet virtually with clients or colleagues from around the world between in-person meetings—virtual meetings are less expensive and more convenient than boarding an international flight. That doesn’t…

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