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Be Contagious in a Good Way With Nonverbal Cues

The job of an event professional is to spread ideas. This is true whether you are on stage, talking to attendees, or working with a team to execute a program or one-on-one with a friend. The easiest way to communicate your message may not be to say it, but to show it.

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What Kind of Team Member Are You?

While you may not always have the luxury of hand-picking your team members, understanding the personalities involved will help you manage the group dynamic.

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6 Ways to Drive Success with ROI Technology

A recent Harvard Business Review study found the vast majority of companies (90 percent) prioritize events. For more than half of them, in fact, events are the most valuable marketing channel. Despite the enthusiasm, companies may be missing out on the competitive advantage events offer, warned the report, titled “The Event Marketing Evolution: An Era…

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