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multiyear contracts

Negotiating the Perfect Multiyear Contract

Long-term contracts—three, five or even ten years—can save you money, especially if you book during a hotel or resort’s slower times. “A three-year contract can mean a 10 percent savings,” says John Berglund, CEO of Mira Smart Conferencing, a management software firm in Clayton, Missouri.

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2018 Event Professional Survival Guide

More and bigger. That is the forecast for meetings in 2018, according to a recent Smart Meetings survey of more than 2,000 event professionals. More than 80 percent of respondents said they will be producing the same or more events than last year, and that those events will be larger—including rock concert-quality elements.

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The Meeting Planners’ Guide to Entering New Territory

 Meeting planners are master jugglers. Each event is a balancing act that requires exceptional amounts of research, organization and communication. This can be difficult in your own backyard, where it is easy to swing by and look at the space. Now imagine taking the show to an utterly unfamiliar city.

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Crisis Averted: CSMs Act Quickly

We recently asked a longtime event manager at a large meetings-focused property to share stories about events she serviced that presented on-the-spot complications, requiring her to draw upon their full range of expertise to make things work and avoid crisis.

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Can You Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees?

You Can Negotiate Away Annoying Hotel Fees

In this case, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. The resort fee—a daily charge tacked onto a hotel or resort room rate for services guests may or may not want—began there about eight years ago. Last year, the U.S. hotel market collected an estimated $2.7 billion for all manner of fees and surcharges,…

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6 Terms to Familiarize with Before 2018

The New Year is just around the corner. And keeping up with the latest trends should definitely be on your resolution list. In an ever-changing industry, corporate planners are expected to always be at the cutting edge—whether its tech, design, F&B or marketing.  Here are some terms to learn before the ball drops. 1. Crowd-shaping…

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cut event costs

5 Ways to Keep Event Costs Low

Whether you’re planning a small meeting or gearing up for a large trade show, odds are you’re working within a set budget. Surely you’ve been thinking long and hard about how to put together the best event at the lowest cost. The following five tips will help keep your event costs low while planning an…

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2018 resolutions

The Planners Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

We’re in December folks—time to get out the ole’ pen and paper (or iPhone, iPad or MacBook) and jot down your resolutions for 2018. Sure, the process can be a little tricky. You don’t want to over- or underestimate your capabilities. Plus, for many, reflecting on the last year can be emotional. Never fear—we’re going…

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give gifts

What to Give? Think Socially Responsible and Personal

Gifts are an exciting part of the holiday season, but for planners, it is a year-round activity, since swag has become an integral part of meetings. The vast array of choices planners face when deciding what to give attendees can be overwhelming, but one way to make the practice more meaningful is to hand out…

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