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6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Post-Event Surveys

Participant engagement is a vital part of every meeting and conference, but the focus is too often placed on engagement before and during the meeting, rather than after. A comprehensive approach to post-event engagement can strengthen relationships with participants and improve every aspect of future events.

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commission cuts

Preparing for a Leaner Commission World

The news that Hilton Hotels & Resorts will follow Marriott International in cutting commissions to third-party planners from 10 to 7 percent was met with a combination of groans, sobs and anger. That was followed by announcements from groups offering to help transition to what many are acknowledging is the new reality.

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airplane missteps

8 Important Lessons to Take Away from Airline Missteps

MBLM’s recently released Brand Intimacy 2018 Report showed that by almost any measure—price resiliency, loyalty and level of FOMO (fear of missing out)—one industry, travel, is coming in dead last when it comes to connecting with people in a meaningful way. Is it really that surprising?

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7 Unique Places to Hold Your Next Meeting

Hotels and conference centers are the norm for meetings, but sometimes it’s nice to break the mold and give attendees a new experience. Have you ever considered hosting your event in the sky? What about an abandoned railroad station? We’ve collected a list of seven unique places to host a meeting.

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How to Write Winning Event Proposals

Start embracing event proposals as opportunities to transform your relationship with your clients, team and suppliers. Clients will view you as prepared, knowledgeable and understanding of their wants and needs. Smart Meetings talked to experts in the field to find out their secrets for writing winning event proposals.

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How to Throw the Best Goodbye Bash

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a repeated event comes to an end. Whether it’s due to a lack of attendance, budget cuts or unforeseen circumstances, a company or other sponsor may decide that the next event will be the last. Naturally, as an event planner, you’ll want to make this final curtain call unforgettable. Here’s how.

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Creative Ways to Negotiate Resort Fees

As the sky has become the limit when it comes to hotel amenities—think professional sports team-level gyms and gourmet wine and cheese tasting in the lobby—more properties are adding resort and, now, urban fees to their bills at checkout. But those charges, which are often listed as redeemable for drinks in the bar, dry cleaning, Wi-Fi or faxing, are not set in stone. Some planners are finding that proactively addressing these charges up front can save them, and their guests, from surprises later.

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