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sustainable to ask dining catering

What to Ask Your Caterer or Hotel About Sustainable Dining

Sustainable. Farm to table. Local. Buzzwords, or baloney? There’s no doubt groups today increasingly want to know where their food comes from—how it was raised, and where it was raised. And the trend toward fostering wellness as well as productivity in meetings continues. So, experts say it is increasingly incumbent upon planners to parse the…

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best even speaker price

6 Tips for Getting the Best Speaker Possible at the Best Price

Close your eyes and imagine you are in charge of your organization’s annual meeting. It’s going to be a big affair. You’ve decided to get an outside speaker or two, and you want to make sure you get the right speakers for your meeting, at the right price. From experience, you know that some speakers…

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manage rising event costs

How to Manage Rising Event Costs

The niche between the proverbial rock and a hard place that event professionals often inhabit could be even cozier in the coming year, according to the results of a new American Express Meetings & Events study. The 2018 Global Meetings and Events Forecast surveyed 600 event professionals and found that at the same time group…

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mystery trip fun

Enrich Events with Something Unpredictable

Who can resist the allure of a mystery? This is exactly what experiential event planning company Mystery Trip is founded on. Dave Green, chief mysterious officer/creator (how cool!), discussed the revolutionizing new way to take groups on an adventure. Green says, “It makes me really happy to show people a good time. It’s not trust…

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careful anxiety

How Event Professionals Can Help Ease an Anxious World

Today, event professionals need to be more aware of how they use language and how guests may receive that message. To help attendees feel more comfortable, experts suggest being open and transparent in all communication, while incorporating positive and clear language in your messages. Per, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental…

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feedback without being boring

How to Get Event Feedback Without Being Boring

Let’s be honest about one thing: old school surveys are boring. Often event attendees won’t do them because they feel it is wasted time out of their day. So how do you measure your success without losing your audience’s focus? Here are some creative strategies you can use to make feedback fun again. Make It…

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5 Steps to Enhance B2B Matchmaking

There is a clear difference between traditional networking sessions—the ones you just add to the event program, usually during the coffee breaks—and B2B matchmaking dynamics. When attending events, your guests may feel uncomfortable talking to strangers. They also aren’t always able to find relevant connections. Silly ice-breaking games, rivers of alcohol and exquisite catering won’t…

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6 Steps to Planning a Safer Meeting

It used to be, planners could focus their efforts solely on the success of the meeting or event. Now, as a scan of headlines in recent months makes tragically clear, another priority demands your attention—making it safe. Severe weather, earthquakes, protest demonstrations and, yes, acts of terrorism or mass violence must concern every meeting planner…

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How to Accommodate Designated Drivers at Your Event

Close your eyes and think about the last event you attended. More likely than not, alcohol was a central aspect. Cocktail parties, wine tastings and, more recently, craft brewery tours have become a staple of conference programs. Planners have to be careful to cater to the needs of non-drinkers in our midst as well. Sobriety…

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Don’t Underestimate Your Potential

Leadership expert Mark Sanborn challenges you to disrupt yourself Mark Sanborn probably doesn’t have anything to teach meeting professionals—or most other people, for that matter—about their industry. But the award-winning speaker, author and leadership expert has plenty of insights to help all of them. “I can’t teach John, our chief cardiac surgeon, about medicine or…

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