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Tips from HBR for Measuring Event Impact

A new Harvard Business Review study shows an overwhelming majority of companies (90 percent) prioritize staging events for customers because for more than half of them, event marketing is the most valuable marketing channel they have.

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Keeping the Numbers in Perspective

Numbers, numbers and more numbers. They are critically important in analyzing the effectiveness of social media and other online communication, but are merely one tool among many, and often are used by professionals without keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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Smart Leaders: Break Up With Doubt

Brian Biro gives a pep talk to get you off the sidelines Humans are creatures of habit who can easily get stuck in ruts. Don’t let boundaries stand in the way of being the greatest version of yourself that you can be. It’s mentally healthier to continuously climb up the mountain of achievement and work…

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tips for better sleep in flight

5 Tips for an In-Flight Good Night’s Sleep

Sometimes taking a red-eye flight is inevitable—it enables people to arrive at a destination at a desired time, thereby maximizing their time there. Some people have difficulty sleeping on planes, however, and upon arrival, especially those riding in coach then often drudge through daylight hours in zombie-mode or waste valuable time snoozing. Whether you’re riding…

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What is your why?

Smart Leaders: Help Your Team Get to Why

Our job as event planners is not to book hotels, pick out menus and manage logistics. What we really do is inspire people to grow, connect and learn. We just happen to work with hotels, caterers, speakers and suppliers to create the conditions that bring people together for a common cause. SMART MEETINGS’ CORE VALUES…

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Work Dynamics

7 Tips for Handling Toxic Employees

How to rein them in and create a better work environment Have you ever worked with someone who left you feeling anxious, frustrated, angry or fearful—even downright disrespected? This type of employee creates a negative work environment with threatening, intimidating or coercive behavior. Toxic employees show a pervasive pattern of hostility, irrational beliefs and emotions….

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