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What is Blockchain and Why Should Event Planners Care?

Blockchain offers the exciting opportunity to manage electronic cash without a central administrator. Based on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it uses a distributed database, so no central entity, government or bank manages the transaction. Instead, it is handled by thousands of volunteer-run computers (nodes).

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How Technology Is Transforming Museums and Meetings

Emerging technology is turning museums into stars. Many are incorporating innovative and interactive media exhibits to enhance visitor experience. It just so happens that some venues offer masterpiece meeting spaces as well. Following is a collection of places that have mastered the art and science of the meeting.

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Harnessing the Power of AI in Hotels and Meeting Spaces

As more hotels provide in-room electronic concierge systems such as Alexa—which can do everything from answer spoken questions to making restaurant and spa reservations—attendees will soon come to expect that event hosts provide on-demand artificial-intelligence (AI) solutions for meeting-related inquiries and needs. One example of how this personalized technology can benefit event attendees is the…

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Bitcoin Explained, For Meeting Planners

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital “cryptocurrency” powered by a vast computer network. It’s been recognized as a currency by the European Union, yet China recently closed cryptocurrency exchanges serving its local markets—where more than 80 percent of the world’s Bitcoin transactions and financing activities were taking place until recently.

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