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voice search is next big thing

Silent No More: Voice Search is 2018’s Next Big Thing

According to Google, 60 percent of searches from mobile devices are done by voice. Are you ready for the voice revolution? Bronwyn White, a tourism strategist and co-founder of, asked that of an audience at the Tourism Marketing Rockstar Convention earlier this month in Sydney. Artificial intelligence, and how it processes voice data, is…

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Too Little, Too Late? Add London to the Uber Ban List

On Friday, Transport for London announced London’s decision to ban Uber, claiming the company “demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications.” And if history repeats itself, Uber will successfully stall the ban. Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, responded with an apology and…

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wake up and smell the airplane scent

Wake Up and Smell the Airplanes

Scents provoke very powerful emotions. They can lift your spirits or arouse a vivid memory. Businesses of all kinds have discovered this secret weapon and that includes airlines. You might be thinking—smell is never a positive topic when it relates to planes. It’s easy to understand why. Recycled air amongst dozens of people for hours…

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new ar at events

Will Apple Make It Easier to Add an AR Twist to Your Next Meeting?

Event planners are starting to inject real-world connections in meetings by including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. Often this has been limited to merging data from social media profiles to populate conference apps and suggest meetings. GPS capabilities most often show up in treasure hunts and suggestions for breakout sessions, but Apple could…

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uber for business remodel

Uber for Business Gets Remodeled

Uber for Business released a new version on Aug.  15, marking the first significant change since the feature’s debut 3 years ago. Employers can now set travel restrictions for when their employees use the service. Preset restrictions include: time of day, specified geographic limits, type of car used and amount of rides. Custom programs are…

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New Audiovisual Tech Boosts Meetings

Cruise passengers aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas ship participate in a viewing (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International) Great tools are available for planners on a strict budget Event professionals need to be mindful of a client’s budget, so they’re often tasked with making every dollar go a long way. When cutting corners,…

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New Petya Ransomware Attack Reminds Event Professionals to be Careful Out There

A new computer virus threat is sending event professionals scrambling to secure documents as breaches are being reported by organizations large and small across the world. The ransomware, being called NotPetya because of the computer code used, takes a similar approach to the WannaCry attacks in May that locked documents on as many as 75,000…

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ARKit for planners

What Apple’s New “ARKit” Means for Planners

At its annual WWDC event last week, Apple showcased its brand new augmented reality (AR) development tool called ARKit. For most, this is very big, and unexpected, news. Apple’s ARKit uses cameras, processors and motion sensors in iPhones and iPads to establish a new standard for the AR experience. Apple’s iOS 11 tools will facilitate…

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Glastonbury Music Festival Display Screens Powered by Pee

This year’s Glastonbury Music Festival in Pilton, England, is using urine to power display screens throughout the event. Yes, you heard that right—power from pee. Bristol Bioenergy Centre (BBiC) at University of West England has developed a technology that can use human urine and convert it into energy. This is not the first time Glastonbury…

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