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Marriott Pioneers Building Blocks to Fast Growth

Marriott Development’s secret for scaling hotel development fast? Preassembled modular construction at a grand scale. The premade guest rooms can shave as much as six months off a 12- to 14-month schedule. Once transported to the site, crane operators lift them onto a base podium foundation and contractors connect the electrical, plumbing and minor finish…

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Virtual Reality Cocktail Brings High-Tech Twist to Hotel Bar

Many whiskey enthusiasts are extremely knowledgeable about their liquor of choice. Perhaps some can even discern details about a drink’s particular origins simply by tasting it. Now, virtual reality technology is taking whiskey to the next level. With its high-tech ambitions, a new drink at the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych in London is changing…

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hyatt streaming

Hyatt Offers TV Streaming Service with Staycast App

Guests who stay at participating Hyatt hotels will soon be able to access their favorite television shows, movies and personal content on TVs through a secure mobile app. Hyatt is partnering with Sonifi Solutions to deliver video-streaming service to guests at 14 participating hotels, the companies announced. Hyatt selected Sonifi’s Staycast technology to integrate with…

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Alexa Alexis Echo

Kimpton Keeps Planners in Mind with Alexa-Equipped Guest Rooms

Photo by Jackie Donnelly Over the past year or two, digital assistance has been popping up in new spaces. It has become so prevalent that a future where smart homes are the norm doesn’t feel far away. It won’t stop with homes either. Certainly, the hospitality industry will need to keep up with this growing demand….

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Feeling Moody? Now You Can Book a Hotel to Match Your Mood

Mood rings were a major trend in the late 1970s. The accessory would change colors that were supposedly determined by the mood of the person wearing it. AccorHotels is such a fan of the concept, the hotel chain is applying it to the booking process. On April 4, AccorHotels released its latest booking service, dubbed…

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Introducing Marriott’s New Snapisode Series

Marriott is ahead of the curve. Rather than trying to outdo Airbnb, the world’s largest hotel chain has discovered a more effective solution to vie for the attention of millennials. Marriott is boosting its visibility by engaging with the right platform. Marriott Rewards has officially entered the wonderful world of Snapchat. The award-winning loyalty program…

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mobile booking

4 Key Facts on the Mobile Booking Boom

The process of booking a trip has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. From face-to-face meetings with travel agents to phone calls to online booking—the process is nearly unrecognizable. The next step in this progression is mobile booking. The following facts about the shift come from a variety of compelling statistics. 1. Mobile search…

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5 Tech-Focused Hotel Trends

There’s no denying that millennials have a remarkable influence on modern society. For that reason, many new hospitality amenities cater to their values and needs. Implementing these cutting-edge features can also enhance guest comfort, support staff duties and advance the hotel brand. With more competition than ever, staying current is essential for hotels and resorts….

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Top 10 High Tech Hotels Around the World

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, Shenzhen, China Holographic meetings, robot concierges and underwater music systems are no longer items of science fiction—they’re current hotel amenities. These are 10 of the most high-tech hotels in the world right now. 1. The W Singapore at Sentosa Cove Sentosa Island, Singapore The W Singapore elevated the average dip in…

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