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Harnessing the Power of AI in Hotels and Meeting Spaces

As more hotels provide in-room electronic concierge systems such as Alexa—which can do everything from answer spoken questions to making restaurant and spa reservations—attendees will soon come to expect that event hosts provide on-demand artificial-intelligence (AI) solutions for meeting-related inquiries and needs. One example of how this personalized technology can benefit event attendees is the…

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Bitcoin Explained, For Meeting Planners

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital “cryptocurrency” powered by a vast computer network. It’s been recognized as a currency by the European Union, yet China recently closed cryptocurrency exchanges serving its local markets—where more than 80 percent of the world’s Bitcoin transactions and financing activities were taking place until recently.

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Translating Headphones Highlight New Google Products

A set of premium wireless headphones that can support live language translations is among the new products announced by Google on Wednesday. The headphones, called Google Pixel Buds, can tap into Google Assistant—the company’s artificially intelligent, voice activated product—when paired with the new Google Pixel 2 handset. The Google Pixel Buds can give planners a…

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Holograms Put Keynote Speakers in Two Places at Once

Flying cars aren’t on the consumer market just yet, but the futuristic age of The Jetsons has partially arrived. Remember the videophone on the cartoon? New tools can turn this technology, which once seemed out of this world, into reality. Have you ever wished you could clone or duplicate your keynote speaker? Or, would you…

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New Tech Tools for Event Registration

New tech tools can optimize the process Besides being financially lucrative, registration has become a make-or-break-it component of the meetings industry. In fact, registration yields 48 percent of total event revenue, according to the annual PCMA Convene Meetings Market Survey, released in February. So how can registration be more appealing? What valuable information can it…

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Thanks to This Tool, Presentations Just Got Very Interesting

FXP Touch offers a new way to deliver them Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced a boring presentation. Are you raising it? If not, that’s surprising. For years, companies and speakers have struggled to find innovative ways to refashion the standard presentation model. Unfortunately, this task is increasingly difficult because people’s attention spans shrink…

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Creating Onsite Video Content

The medium extends the message: Use strategic planning when selecting digital content capture and distribution tactics For decades, most people in the meetings and events industry have contended that the face-to-face environment—as opposed to remote conferencing—delivers the most robust experience to participants. Even so, in-person events are ripe for capturing valuable content through video, which…

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6 Tips to Relieve Aches Caused by Electronic Devices

6 Tips to relieve aches caused by electronic devices The technological revolution has given us some wonderful tools to work with in our jobs. We use them. We love them. We rely on them. We also pay a big price for every electronic device we use—and I’m not just talking about dollars. I’m talking about…

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Best Practices of Leveraging Video Content Online

Know your audience. That’s the most important element of posting online videos from live business meetings and corporate events. Ultimately, there is no technology that can replace being at the event. The key for planners is to know what videos people actually watch and find useful. Most of the cool technology that exists today helps…

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