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Take a Holiday From Electronics

In today’s world,  unplugging for a holiday break is actually necessary. Kate Davis of Fast Company suggests you set yourself up for success by establishing parameters early. “Tell everyone that for this amount of time, you will not be answering emails or work-related phone calls. Set a time frame and stick to it.”

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Will Apple Pay Become a Standard Option for the Travel Industry?

Apple’s latest digital wallet release, Apple Pay, is beckoned to streamline payment services across many industries, the travel industry being one of them. Apple Pay’s simple, turn-key payment solution recently integrated with booking sites such as and HotelTonight. These integrations may echo a new era of on-the-go bookings and faster checkout processes that may…

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10 Popular Destinations for Facebook Check-Ins

Facebook’s annual Year in Review Data reveals that travel is one of the most talked about life events on the social network after relationships. Each year Facebook lists the most popular places that users checked-in at, last year four stadiums made the top 10. See what were the most popular and checked into destinations in…

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