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Electric Scooters Gain Traction

The emergence of e-scooters on street corners all over the country makes it easy for attendees to explore many cities with the tap of a smartphone linked to an active bank card. Visitors can grab any unattended scooter off the street and go for as little as a couple of bucks an hour. But behind…

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Infinite Loop Makes Meetings a Learning Experience

Meeting planners looking to technologically spice things up for their next meeting just might have the answer they’ve been looking for—Infinite Loop, a virtual-reality technology that turns meetings into an opportunity for experiential learning. One of the first virtual-reality video games that works well for large groups, Infinite Loop was created by team-building specialists Play…

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tech essentials planners on the go

Tech Essentials for Planners

The team at Aventri knows planners are forever on the go. To help you maintain your sanity, they’ve created this curated list of tech essentials.

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Employ the Latest in Earpieces and Headsets

Security teams keep attendees safe by corresponding with colleagues via headsets. And onstage, in-ear monitors are used by singers to help keep them pitch perfect. Headset technology has come a long way, and promises to add even more to the event experience of the near future.

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Cashless Options Bring Big Money to Events

If yours is an event where there are things to buy, there’s nothing more frustrating—for attendees and you—than a line snaking up to the ATM. The more time they stand in line, the less time they’re spending and enjoying your event. Setting up an event-wide cashless system is easier than you might think.

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How to Take Your Event to New Heights with Drones

Just because everyone is launching drones in the expo center, doesn’t mean you need to start mapping routes around the chandelier for your next ballroom takeover. Strategic use of remote controlled devices can be a great way to capture the experience from a new angle.

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Bringing Advanced Audiovisual to the Stage

The entertainment industry has advanced the development of hologram technology such that it is nearing practical use in the realm of business events. Already, live concerts include three-dimensional performances that are difficult to tell from the actual thing on stage.  

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Time for Real Behavioral Understanding

All planners want to know how they can improve the attendee experience, but getting honest answers to the question of “what is working?” can be challenging. Luckily, both event apps and smart badge technology has evolved to the point that when combined with advanced analytics, they can track attendee movement throughout an event. This gives…

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