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10 Popular Destinations for Facebook Check-Ins

Facebook’s annual Year in Review Data reveals that travel is one of the most talked about life events on the social network after relationships. Each year Facebook lists the most popular places that users checked-in at, last year four stadiums made the top 10. See what were the most popular and checked into destinations in…

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Go Green with the Whole Earth Calculator App

New waste recovery app provides a way to increase food recovery through awareness and social sharing. The app converts pounds of food into meals and landfill reductions, and calculates how much CO2 and Methane is released when food is thrown away. The app then sends out a custom tweet that users can send out to…

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Marriott's Global App Makes Meetings Easier

Marriott International is making it a little easier to plan meetings globally. An additional 75 hotels have enabled meeting management with Marriott’s Meeting Services App (MSA). Nearly 600 hotels now offer MSA, including properties in Europe and the Middle East. Available in 20 different languages, MSA breaks down language barriers and makes it easy for…

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Beacons Deliver Real-Time Messages at Meetings

A new interconnected tech development by Topi could change the meaning of real-time at events. The start-up that brought an easy community-building app to meetings is now moving into the Internet of Things. What does that mean? It means beacons, placed at various locations throughout your meeting space, can send relevant, real-time messages to attendees,…

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10 Free Apps Event Planners Should Download

  For Content Lovers Zite (free; iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows): News aggregator that feeds in articles based on your interests that you enter. The more articles you view, the more it learns and feeds in similar stories. It’s like Pandora for news. Flipboard (free; iPhone/iPad, Android): Create your own magazine of content by selecting which sites you want to view content from. But…

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How to Effectively Tweet a Conference

Attending a session at a conference used to be a passive activity. You’d sit, listen to the speaker and maybe take notes. Today, many attendees approach sessions as active participants, using laptops, tablets and smart phones to make their own contributions to the event. Twitter is an especially powerful tool for sharing information instantly while…

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