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Group Gives New Meaning To Meeting Over Dinner

Too many cooks may spoil the broth. But given the right supervision, even a hundred corporate executives with little or no background in cooking can prepare puff pastries, pancetta-cured steaks or even chocolate soufflés—all while becoming a stronger, more effective unit. That’s the thinking behind Gourmet Gatherings, a San Francisco-based team of professional chefs that…

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Your Life Is Their Songbook

That’s the basis for (and the brilliance of) The Water Coolers, a musical comedy group whose performances at meetings and events are inspired by the triumphs, trials and tragedies most working people face every day. The group began with an unusual collaboration between conference planner Sally Allen and her husband Tom, a comedy writer who…

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However, if you've suddenly got to put together a day meeting off the reservation, so to speak, it might sound more to your ears like Salvation. That's because you can go to 24/7, pop in your meeting stats and turn it loose. The system will then search, check availability, get instant live quotes, compare…

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