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Location, Location, Logistics

Teeming sidewalks, busy restaurants, hotel lounges filled with friends sharing stories and a buzz around a city’s convention center are sure signs that a convention is in town. Though every city has its own definition of what “citywide” conventions entail, there’s one thing that’s certain: they are economic engines for a city’s visitor industry that…

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Tribal Gatherings

Not many meetings open like this: Elders from a local Native American tribe quietly, and with great dignity, give a spiritual invocation. They pray the meeting will be a success and personally fulfilling to all who attend. They pray for communion and understanding with the natural world around them. The prayers are followed by ancient…

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Say Good Bye To Plain Vanilla

When the prospect of another drywall-with-a-light-switch makes you yearn for an intriguing alternative, consider holding your meeting in a historic hotel. These one-of-a-kind properties offer character, a comfortable ambience and a bit of nostalgia for the past—or how we’d like to remember it. Because of the properties’ age, their owners had an exceptional choice of…

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