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Skies Not as Friendly for Comfort Animals, Airlines Say

Major airlines are tightening policies on bringing animals on board—in part, at least, because of situations such as the one United Airlines faced at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) recently. A woman tried to board a United flight with a peacock. She described him as her emotional-support animal.

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JFK delays

JFK Airport Recovering After 4 Days of Mayhem

Operations are gradually returning to normal, but some flights were still delayed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Monday after a water pipe break caused 352 delays and 46 cancellations the previous day. The incident compounded problems resulting from a winter storm that hit New York City on Thursday, causing…

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safest year air travel

2017 Safest Year for Air Travel, but Challenges Remain

Last year was the safest in the history of worldwide commercial airline travel, according to two industry research companies, but enhanced efforts will be needed in the future to keep improving safety. The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) announced last week that in 2017, there were 10 fatal airline accidents, causing the deaths of 44 passengers…

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jetblue season of giving

Embrace the Season of Giving as JetBlue Launches Kindness Contest

Are you ready to tell everyone what you’re thankful for? As part of November’s month of goodness campaign, JetBlue is encouraging people to share acts of kindness and giving using the hashtag #CheckInForGood. The reward could be a free volunteer trip. The promotion is an easy tie-in to events for many meeting professionals who already…

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private jet experience

3 Ways an Average Joe Can Get Private Jet Treatment

Frequent flyers often bemoan the time lost to TSA screenings at the airport, waiting for fellow passengers to board and de-plane and collecting luggage at the carousel. In some cases, it takes longer to wait for your flight than the duration of the flight. Private jet travel offers a solution, and the good news is…

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tsa security check

What You Need to Know About New Airline Security Measures

All arriving flights into the United States after October 26 could be subject to new security screening measures, according to U.S. Transportation Security Administration officials. This includes American citizens. The new measures are expected to impact 2,100 commercial flights arriving daily in the United States, and inconveniencing more than 300,000 passengers daily who will be…

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airplane meals

Some Airlines to Bring Back Complimentary Meals on Domestic Flights

Tired of having to worry about how you are going to get your next meal before your flight? No need to fear, free food is here! A select number of airlines have begun bringing back complimentary meals on domestic flights. In the aftermath of 9/11, many airlines faced financial hardships which caused them to scale…

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jetblue booking site

JetBlue Jettisons Third-Party Booking Sites

Like to prowl the web for the cheapest airfares, no matter where you find them? Your choices just narrowed, at least for all JetBlue Airways’ flights. The budget airline has joined others such as Delta in dropping several online travel-booking websites, or aggregators. They are second- or third-tier metasearch engines that sell a “very small…

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