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Keynote Care and Maintenance: Practical Tips from Speakers

An important part of a conference organizer’s responsibilities is hiring or recommending speakers for the events they manage. Whether it’s a keynote address, workshop, breakout session or another forum, selecting speakers who match best with the profile and needs of the audience is a critical task.

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Remix Your Speakers: How to Resonate with Today’s Attendees

The keynote has changed forever—and that is good news for attendees and planners. The seeds of change that put the the one-hour PowerPoint delivered from on high on the endangered list were sown in 1984 by a newcomer named Ted. But the forces that accelerated the decline had more to do with changing expectations.

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3 Global Lessons from PCMACL’s Music City Convergence

More than 4,500 event professionals converged on Nashville the second week of January with a unified vision. Planners, destination management professionals and suppliers attending Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)’s annual Convening Leaders event were resolved in their quest to “amplify engagement” and learn new ways to delight attendees. This conference—known for featuring some of the…

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2018 forecast

Beyond the Webinar: How Planners Can Utilize Trends Forecast

Andrew Friedman, founder and partner at af&co, delivered a well-received, engaging Smart Meetings webinar on Dec. 5, “2018 Industry Forecast: Strategies & Tips for the Year Ahead.” The webinar can be viewed here. Smart Meetings followed up with Friedman after the webinar to glean some additional insights into his annual forecasts. How long have you…

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Mastering Your Mindset

Scott Greenberg demonstrates the incredible power of your approach to life Planners, at their core, are in the business of human connection. Scott Greenberg, a truly inspirational speaker and one of the keynotes at Smart Meeting West National, knows first-hand the tremendous amount of work demanded of professional planners. “Meeting planners do all the work…

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