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Mastering Your Mindset

Scott Greenberg demonstrates the incredible power of your approach to life Planners, at their core, are in the business of human connection. Scott Greenberg, a truly inspirational speaker and one of the keynotes at Smart Meeting West National, knows first-hand the tremendous amount of work demanded of professional planners. “Meeting planners do all the work…

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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Another Keynote Speaker

Not every meeting has to revolve around words of wisdom delivered from a keynote speaker behind a podium at the front of a room. Sue Wigston, chief operating officer of Eagle’s Flight, an experiential learning consultancy, says it is time for something new to keep gatherings relevant. “Meetings have included keynote speakers for the last…

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Working with a Seasoned Professional Speaker

How do you know that you’re bringing in somebody to speak to your audience who’s going to do the right job, deliver the right message and offer take-home value? In short, how do you know when you’re working with a seasoned pro? While there’s no foolproof way to know, here are ten signs that the…

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3 Speaker Secrets to Scheduling Aha Moments

The right speaker can spark impacts that go beyond the stage All planners share a fantasy. We schedule speakers in hopes of a magic moment when a packed house, rapt with awe, experiences a moment that changes everything. After a standing ovation that goes on longer than the demand for an encore at a Bruce…

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