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Case Study: Building a Better Onboarding Meeting

Introducing new employees to a company’s way of operating is a critical job. Smart Meetings sat down with Megan Faretta, regional training coordinator for Turner Construction Company, which onboards as many as 1,000 new employees every year, to talk about a meeting that ventured into uncharted territory.

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Case Study: Making Cannes Personal

Events have the power to bring the world closer together. To find out how a two-person marketing team wowed 500 current and prospective clients with world-class experiences in seven floating venues, Smart Meetings interviewed Som Puangladda, vice president of global marketing for ad tech company GumGum, which uses artificial intelligence to unlock value in web images and videos.

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Case Study: Mitigating Risky Business for the BPAMA Expo

All planners take the job of protecting attendees seriously. However, some industries put more emphasis on risk management than others. Smart Meetings interrogated Joanne Orlando, account manager at Total Event Resources, about tips for making safety and fail-safe execution centerpieces of an annual event.

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