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10 Smart Moves in the Meetings Industry: April 15, 2015

Steve Yoder, General Sales Manager of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Retires Steve Yoder, who in 1980 was the first hire at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is retiring as general sales manager, effective April 30. He will remain a part time hotel employee, perusing new business development. Chris Schroeder, who […]

10 Smart Moves in the Meetings Industry: April 2, 2015

California Wineries Celebrate Down to Earth Month

Meetings at Paradisus Resorts

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Airport Code Mystery: What does EWR mean?

There is a reason behind airport codes that don’t always seem to make sense, such as EWR for Liberty National Airport in Newark, New Jersey. The codes are issued by the International Airport Association to help distinguish one airport from another. Arizona-based designer and traveler Lynn Fisher became interested in the reasoning behind those codes, but […]