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New and Renovated: Austin Exploration and Sunny Shores

Thompson Austin Newly opened Thompson Austin is tailored to the needs of meetings and events professionals. It offers luxury accommodations in 212 guest rooms and 17 residences in the middle of Austin’s downtown entertainment district. Thompson Austin has more than 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor event space between one ballroom, four boardrooms and […]

The convention floor of nSight 2022. Booths with TVs are set between a black walkway.

Tackling In-person Events as a Team at nSight 2022

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New Developments in Las Vegas

Marquette downtown area with the Delft Theater.

Plan a Disability-friendly Event with this Local Accessibility Guide

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How to Secure Your Event in the Face of Rising Active Shooter Incidents

Two RendezVerse employees demonstrate one of their digital hotel replicas.

Metaverse Replicas of Event Venues Make Site Inspections Faster, Easier and Greener

The process of picking the perfect event venue is a time-consuming one. It can take hours of driving and flying that many planners can’t spare. RendezVerse, a new Metaverse-based company, revealed its plan to dramatically reduce time and resources spent on-site inspections. In collaboration with some of the most well-known hotels around the world—namely InterContinental […]