Julia Berman

Julia Berman is the digital content editor at Smart Meetings. She has a three-year background in content writing and marketing, and is a graduate of Colgate University in New York where she studied English, creative writing and psychology.

6 Terms to Familiarize with Before 2018PlannerProfessionalTips & Tools

The New Year is just around the corner. And keeping up with the latest trends should definitely be on your resolution list. In an ever-changing industry, corporate planners are expected to always be at the cutting edge—whether its tech, design, F&B or marketing.  Here are some terms to learn before the ball drops. 1. Crowd-shaping…

The #Eventprof CycleHealth & WellnessMeeting Planning

The more work that goes into planning a meeting or event, the more rewarding the finished product. There’s not much time to bask in the glory though. It often seems like a brand new project is always waiting, thus re-surging the craziness. Here’s what the average #eventprof experiences in the process.

How Trustworthy are Online Reviews When Planning?AppsTechnology

The punchline “Everyone’s a critic,” has taken on a new meaning in the age of digital reviews. Everything is reviewed. And when planning a meeting or event, these tools become particularly important. For instance, would you really book a hotel with three stars on TripAdvisor? Or, reserve a restaurant with complaints of food poising on…

net neutrality

What Does the Net Neutrality Appeal Mean for Planners?News

You’ve probably seen a lot of headlines today about the repeal of Net Neutrality. So, what’s all the controversy? What comes next? And, the big question is what does this mean for meeting and event planners? A Little Background After weeks of controversial buzz and protests, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to overturn internet…