Grady Olson

Born in San Diego and grew up in the ocean. Has shaped his own surfboards, sewed his own clothes, lived in Montana briefly, Santa Barbara for five years where he was working on an avocado ranch and fishing boats, and now currently and for the last year in San Francisco. Has an AA degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in journalism and will receive his BA in Creative Writing this May from SFSU. Currently a contributing writer for Amadeus and Gross Magazine as well.

Conferences Are a Zoo, Here’s How to Get All the Animals to Show Up

Attendees may have good intentions but can be distracted. However, you can use their natural tendencies to your advantage. Here are a few ways you can organize your next event to thwart those accidental distractions:

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Interactive Maps and Apps Help Cater to Large Venues

Large venues are looking forward in their land layout maps. From mobile apps to virtual 3D maps, recent additions by large hotels and convention centers show a trend of locations upping their tech game to help cater to guests and attendees as well as meeting planners.