Grady Olson

Born in San Diego and grew up in the ocean. Has shaped his own surfboards, sewed his own clothes, lived in Montana briefly, Santa Barbara for five years where he was working on an avocado ranch and fishing boats, and now currently and for the last year in San Francisco. Has an AA degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in journalism and will receive his BA in Creative Writing this May from SFSU. Currently a contributing writer for Amadeus and Gross Magazine as well.

Save the Planet, One Straw at a Time

With Earth Day behind us, there is a strong buzz of new sustainability practices. It’s trendy, hip and important to be green—and surveys show attendees and guests give weight to hotels and event properties doing their part to protect resources. The same goes for meetings. Give your attendees a reason to brag about your eco-friendly event (without breaking the bank) by adding a little something extra to your food and beverage menu—alternative straws.

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