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Find Your Mid-American Live Music Hot SpotMeeting Planning

Midwest cities have no lack of festivals to enjoy live music–especially in summer. But why wait to pair a meeting with a bandfest? Here are some great venues in rocking music cities for creating your own club vibe.

Heartbeat of Middle AmericaDestinations

Music strikes an elemental chord: We listen, we hum its melodies and respond to its rhythms. The genre may be individual, but the appeal is universal. It’s part of the cultural fabric of the places we live and work in, play and visit. Many of these places enjoy a long legacy of music traditions, particularly in the middle of the country, where the foundation of uniquely American music spread from its origins in the Deep South and took root, then was transformed into new genres by creative musicians making it personal—a phenomenon that continues today.

You’ve Got Vegas Questions, We Have Vegas AnswersSponsored Content

No matter where you are in the process of planning and booking your next big (or not-so-big) corporate event or show, you undoubtedly have questions. And of course the first question on the minds of most planners is undoubtedly, “Where should we hold it this year?” It’s a fundamental concern that comes with some questions…