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Purple Mountains MajestyDestinations

When the film City Slickers came out in 1991, it was an instant sensation; everyone wanted to be like Billy Crystal and drive cattle into Colorado. But even before Hollywood, the mountains called to travelers. Cold, clean air, along with natural beauty and a simple life, gave hectic urban dwellers a tableau for tranquility. Mountains inspire us to look up, to reach and exceed beyond our grasp. Holding meetings at high altitudes inspires team-building, as well.

The Meeting Planners’ Guide to Entering New TerritoryPlannerTips & Tools

 Meeting planners are master jugglers. Each event is a balancing act that requires exceptional amounts of research, organization and communication. This can be difficult in your own backyard, where it is easy to swing by and look at the space. Now imagine taking the show to an utterly unfamiliar city.

Crisis Averted: CSMs Act QuicklyPlannerTips & Tools

We recently asked a longtime event manager at a large meetings-focused property to share stories about events she serviced that presented on-the-spot complications, requiring her to draw upon their full range of expertise to make things work and avoid crisis.