6 Types of Future Travelers to Keep on Your Radar

New locales, social media habits and authentic experiences—these are trends have begun to define what travel means for millions of globetrotters. But what does the mindset of today’s travelers indicate about the future? Global travel technology company Amadeus looked into its crystal ball and predicted that by 2030, people will identify as one of six types of future travelers.

Amadeus estimates that in 10-15 years, an additional billion people will populate the world, and 20 percent of them will be traveling. To arrive at its travel predictions, the company commissioned consumer trends consultancy The Future Foundation. Findings were based on a survey of 800 U.S. travelers’ personality traits, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles in a globalized context.

Out of that, categories of future travelers emerged from needs, desires and behaviors instead of demographics based on gender or age. The survey also determined that travel will be largely based on technology upgrades to transportation and expanded social media platforms and connection speeds.

“Major changes are on the horizon in how travelers seek, consider and select destinations, consume travel services and make purchasing decisions. The travel industry and the technology that powers it needs to focus on evolving along with the travelers who will shape the future,” said Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer of Amadeus North America.

Here are the 6 Types of Future Travelers to Keep on Your Radar:

1. Social Capital Seekers will take social media a few steps further and structure their vacations around their online audiences. They will also rely on tips and suggestions from followers before making a decision.

2. Cultural Purists see vacations as an opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic cultural experiences, even if it means going beyond personal boundaries.

3. Ethical Travelers are concerned about their impact on the environment and strive to decrease their carbon footprint while traveling. They may also seek out volunteerism experiences or other ways to improve the lives of others.

4. Simplicity Searchers want a stress-free vacation and prefer to hand off the planning and organizing of trips to a coordinator or travel agent. They may lean towards all-inclusive packages and bundled offers.

5. Obligation Meeters have a specific purpose in mind when traveling. They may have budget or time restrictions and are keen on combining business and leisure trips.

6. Reward Hunters are luxury-focused travelers that see travel as a kind of indulgence. Vacations will be filled with over-the-top, premium experiences. They require a return on the investment of their hard-working lives.