March 28, 2013

A Song for the Meetings Industry

billy kirsch A Song for the Meetings IndustryBilly Kirsch gets song lyrics suggestions from attendees at the Smart Event Seattle.


Keynote presenter Billy Kirsch’s session on creativity at the Smart Event Seattle last week culminated with the Grammy-nominated songwriter leading attendees through the process of composing a little ditty about the meetings industry. The result is an anthem for planners and suppliers that celebrates everything from innovation to ROI. “What’s a song without ROI?” Kirsch asked the participants.

The hook, “I’ll give you all that I have,” highlights the passion and commitment that event professionals bring to their jobs.

It’s already stuck in your head, isn’t it? Feel free to download it and share with it with  your boss the next time he asks, “What exactly do you do?

In case you missed a line, here are the lyrics:

Planners, suppliers, sellers, buyers
With imagination and innovation
Venues, menus and room blocks to grab
ROI to make, customers to celebrate
I’ll give you all that I have

Not bad for less than 30 minutes of brainstorming, searching for rhymes and setting it all to music. Here’s a glimpse at what the process of putting it all together was like.

Video by Diego Vallejo and Bill Chapin

Kirsch’s Kidbilly Music offers similar sessions as a team-building activity for large groups or small teams. He has helped groups write songs about industries ranging from educational software to healthcare management to aluminum production. For more on Kirsch’s philosophy of how the songwriting process can help anybody with their job, see “Singing the Praises of Team Building.”

—Bill Chapin

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  1. […] The best kind of team building is the kind in which everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets into it. You can choose ropes courses, an amazing race expedition, team building with Lego’s (lots of fun), or music team building. All of the aforementioned are highly interactive and will draw your team in. I don’t consider these to be presentations as much as team building activities. And that’s important. You want the ‘active’ part of the word activity. I recently gave a team building presentation in Seattle that was highly interactive. A group of over 100 strangers bonded, laughed together, made music and created a song because the structure was interactive and active. Take a look. […]