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  • Sky's the Limit

    By Chuck Kapelke

    May 23, 2014

    The next time you’re considering putting together a team-building activity for a client group, consider the myriad possibilities beneath the vast skies of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. For example, a company such as Pangaea River Rafting, a white-water rafting outfitter based in Missoula, Montana, allows groups to charge the rapids before relaxing on a riverside beach and enjoying games and mental puzzles focused on communication and trust.

  • High on Meetings In The Rockies

    By Maxine Cass

    May 21, 2013

    Whether surrounded by jagged peaks and water, nestled in old-growth forests, or out with cowboys under vast skies, meetings in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are inspiring in every sense. Face-to-face get-togethers are a literal breath of fresh air in the Rockies. While education, networking and keynote speakers’ messages are crucial to any meeting, team building is often cited as attendees’ most memorable experience—the one with lessons they utilize in the workplace for years to come. Diverse outdoor team-building activities in these three states can boost cooperation, confidence, skills and leadership abilities well beyond the meeting room.

  • New Meetings in the Old West

    By Steve Winston

    December 31, 2012

    If you’re looking for a room with a view, you’ve come to the right place. The Rocky Mountains have plenty of room. And the views are certainly spectacular. Meetings here are often more productive simply because the surroundings are so energizing. The air is fresher. The terrain is grander. The excitement level among attendees is higher. And the opportunities for memorable meetings and team building are exceptional.

  • Meeting in the Wild West

    By Steve Winston

    May 30, 2012

    These three states aren’t normally considered meeting centers on the order of an Orlando or San Francisco. Yet out here in Big Sky country, with its mountains and wide-open ranchland, planners are finding excellent facilities, value pricing, great team-building opportunities and stunning natural backdrops.

  • Peak Experience

    By Nikki Gloudeman

    December 30, 2011

    Talk about a sense of arrival: Book a meeting in the Rocky Mountains, and your attendees will be greeted with the sight of natural wonders shaped over the course of millions of years, soaring thousands of feet into the sky. They will have access to ample winding trails, snowy crests and wildlife. They will be able to ski, bike, hike—pretty much any outdoor pursuit imaginable.

  • Characters Welcome

    By Carolyn Koenig

    May 31, 2011

    Fur trappers, explorers, cowboys, miners and adventurers—colorful characters of yesteryear—have all added their imprint to the natural allure of the Mountain West. Comprised of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, this rugged region encompasses not one, but three national parks that celebrate its magnificent terrain, much of it preserved as it was centuries earlier.

    This combination of history and geology gives the Mountain West (which totals more than 328,000 square miles) a sense of place, fleshing out the parade of mountains and broad sweep of plains with an undeniable ambience.

    So, if you’re a planner who wants a juicy carrot to motivate your sales team or an inspiring destination for your upcoming meeting, consider the Mountain West. Chances are, your group will fit right in.

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Destination Description

This is where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play—as well as moose, bear, fox and all manner of free-roaming wildlife. This is Montana, a wilderness paradise of unbridled beauty and wide-open spaces.

When you’re the fourth-largest state in the country in area and 44th in population (behind Rhode Island), the great outdoors is your calling card. In fact, sections of the state are so unspoiled they look much as they did when Lewis and Clark journeyed across the length of what would become Montana back in 1805.

With such spectacular nature and fabled western history (the Gold Rush and the Battle of Little Bighorn also took place here), nothing will be ordinary about meeting in Montana. The state’s landscape is diverse and dramatic, with the Rocky Mountains running through the western half of the state and lesser ranges, prairies and badlands in the east. And given its size and diversity, the climate can be just as varied. Winter is truly a wonderland here, with snow-covered peaks and their corresponding ski resorts offering a full range of outdoor recreation, including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, as well as such unique activities as ice fishing and dog sledding.

By contrast, “Summer in Montana,” as the author Tim Cahill wrote, “is like the best piece of pie you ever had.” Besides the explosion of wildflowers and grasslands, summer offers visitors numerous nature activities, as well as a host of outdoor events and festivals to enjoy. Spring and fall are less crowded but still provide plenty of activities.