Daytime, Nighttime, AnytimeBy Christine Loomis

Southeast Florida is on!

Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime

Southeast Florida has long drawn visitors to its inviting white beaches and opulent resorts. The fortuitous confluence of railroads, sunshine and classic hotels helped make the area extending from Fort Lauderdale to the Florida Keys the vacation destination of choice for northerners escaping winter’s chill. But that was just the start.

There’s the chance to spot socialites and celebrities, to say nothing of exotic wildlife in Florida’s vast tracks of wetlands and wilderness. And the region’s rich history—palpable in some of the area’s most legendary venues—offers a glimpse into the lives of those industrial entrepreneurs who helped shape not only Florida but much of America. Today, southeast Florida lacks for nothing. One of its most alluring aspects is a diverse cultural mix, with Cuban and other Latin influences especially evident in the lively dining scene in Miami and beyond. It offers stellar institutions celebrating culture, history and the arts, and a multitude of activities are available to keep life interesting—golf, deep sea fishing, dolphin encounters and wild rides through the Everglades among them. Whether visitors are looking for sophisticated nightlife or tropical serenity, elegance or a barefoot-on-the-beach ethos, it’s all here. And you should be, too.