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5 Benefits of Holding Events at Unique Venues

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People most often remember special moments or experiences based on an impression. For planners, leaving a lasting impression on meeting participants isn’t always easy to do, though, and can require some important strategizing. Holding an event at an interesting museum, theater or sports facility offers a unique experience that makes for a very memorable meeting….

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Working with a Seasoned Professional Speaker

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How do you know that you’re bringing in somebody to speak to your audience who’s going to do the right job, deliver the right message and offer take-home value? In short, how do you know when you’re working with a seasoned pro? While there’s no foolproof way to know, here are ten signs that the…

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ASL Interpreters Provide Important Service at Meetings

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Meeting professionals are tasked with making sure the audio of presentations is clear, that there’s no feedback and that it is at a comfortable volume—but what about the attendees who live in silence? Rather than relying on microphones and speakers to receive a message, the deaf and hard of hearing depend on the talented hands…

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4 Famous Dads Share Advice Planners Will Appreciate

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Meeting professionals are very busy people who have to juggle many work-related responsibilities. Many people in this profession also hold the title of Dad. With Father’s Day on Sunday, let’s take a closer look at how dads can cope with and overcome the challenges associated with planning fabulous events while raising a family. “When big…

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6 Emergency Response Tips for Meeting Planners

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As professional event planners grapple with security concerns at meetings, emergency preparedness has become a hot issue. Questions arise about who is responsible for ensuring that business meetings and association events are safe and secure environments (see “Zeroing In on Security” from the April issue of Smart Meetings magazine). Regardless of who is responsible for…

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