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profbox box

Treat Yo’ Self to a “Party in a Box” for Planners!Meeting PlanningStyle

Getting a mystery gift at your doorstep each month sounds like a SUPER nice luxury, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely why an abundance of subscription boxes have been popping up. And they’re pretty tactful. Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, they target an array of niche markets. There’s a box for Korean beauty trends (Memebox), mermaid fanatics…

accommodations checklist

The Ultimate Accommodation ChecklistPlannerTips & Tools

There are tons of moving parts when planning a meeting or an event—so many that skipping a beat almost seems inevitable. However, accommodating special needs is one area where you really can’t be careless. Planners are held responsible for considering and planning for all types of accommodations. Be sure to survey attendees during registration so…

oktoberfest in the us

Celebrating Oktoberfest in the U.S.Destinations

Strap on your lederhosen and fill up your beer boots—Oktoberfest has officially arrived! Since the event started in early 19th century Munich, Oktoberfest has exploded into the world’s biggest “people’s festival,” or Volksfest. It begins in mid-September and parties on through the first Sunday in October. Americans have embraced this cultural celebration brought to the…

wake up and smell the airplane scent

Wake Up and Smell the AirplanesTechnologyTechnology News

Scents provoke very powerful emotions. They can lift your spirits or arouse a vivid memory. Businesses of all kinds have discovered this secret weapon and that includes airlines. You might be thinking—smell is never a positive topic when it relates to planes. It’s easy to understand why. Recycled air amongst dozens of people for hours…

building burning man

Building Burning ManCase StudyEvents

Photo credit: “Happy Mecha Women” by Jaques de Selliers The day after Labor Day Weekend means the end of summer for most. But it’s an especially somber day for Burning Man goers, which began on August 27 and ended September 4. Regardless of your stance on the controversial festival, the finished product is undeniably incredible….

the 5 busy stages of event planning

The 5 Busy Phases of Event PlanningMeeting Planning

Meeting and event planning is a highly stressful, fast-paced occupation. No part of the process is easy. But in order to really understand it, the ebbs and flows must be examined. Be forewarned, though—you might feel your shoulders tense just from reading about the frenzy. When does crunch time begin? The general rule of thumb…

fall foods fall dishes

New York City’s Best Fall DishesDestinations

Do you smell it in the air? Fall is coming, and there are many things to rejoice over: the stunning foliage, moderate climate and (perhaps best of all) cozy meals. So, if you’re a fan of cinnamon, apples, soups and squash, then fall is prime eating time for you. Where’s the best place to indulge?…

best resume tips planners

Building the Best Planner ResumeProfessionalTips & Tools

You might have the most experience, top qualifications and the best-suited skills for the job, but if your resume fails to properly highlight these points, it might all be for nothing. The reality is that we live in a competitive, fast-paced world. So if your resume falls short of astounding, it will likely end-up hidden…

tips for better sleep in flight

5 Tips for an In-Flight Good Night’s SleepBusinessTips & Tools

Sometimes taking a red-eye flight is inevitable—it enables people to arrive at a destination at a desired time, thereby maximizing their time there. Some people have difficulty sleeping on planes, however, and upon arrival, especially those riding in coach then often drudge through daylight hours in zombie-mode or waste valuable time snoozing. Whether you’re riding…