Spirit Airlines Caves, Refunds Veteran’s AirfareAirlines

After a week of intense criticism and bad publicity, Spirit Airlines has agreed to refund $197 to a dying Vietnam veteran. Jerry Meekins, 76, bought a ticket to travel from his home in Florida to visit his daughter in New Jersey. Two weeks later his doctor told him his esophageal cancer was terminal and he was too ill to fly. As the case gained attention, Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza took a hard line, insisting in interviews that Meekins should have bought trip-cancelation insurance, one of many basic services for which the low-cost carrier charges as part of its fee-based business model. Baldanza abruptly changed his mind today and pledged to not only issue the refund but donate $5,000 to the veteran’s organization Wounded Warriors Project. foxnews.com

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    LAX Airport Unveils Swanky Lounges

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    World’s Most Scenic Airport Landing

    PrivateFly, an international private jet booking service, polled international travel experts to determine the most scenic airport landing spot. Based on its spectacular views on approach, Queenstown Airport (ZQN) in Frankton, New Zealand was voted No. 1.…


    Airline Fees Mean Big Bucks for Carriers

    The money garnered  from airline fees has tripled since 2008. According to statistics from the Department of Transportation, collectively they raked in $3.6 billion in extra baggage fees in 2014, a 5.3% increase from 2013. Delta took…


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    Portland Airport is For the Birds (and Goats and Dogs)

    Portland, Oregon, has hired 40 goats to clear a five-acre patch of weeds and other invasive plants from Portland International Airport (PDX.) They have also hired a llama—not to eat the blackberry and thistle—but to protect the goats from…