Roughin’ It In Style


If it weren’t for the down-to-earth discomfort, food that isn’t exactly fancy fare and just plain hard work. After all, who wants to rough it during a rough week of work? No one, frankly. And that’s why “glamping” (glamorous camping) is replacing camping as an alluring option for rustic group retreats. You’ve still got the…

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Travel Spending on the Campaign Trail


Barack Obama prefers staying at Hyatt hotels, while Mitt Romney is a Marriott man. These and other facts are collected in a nifty infographic, compiled by vacation rental website Flipkey’s official blog, examining travel habits of the presidential campaigns. The graphic also reveals that Romney (perhaps not surprisingly, given his personal finances) lives a bit…

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Summer Summits

Meeting Planning

Sponsored by Big Sky Resort When thinking of a summer trip to the mountains, roasted marshmallows, fresh mountain air, no electricity and maybe a bug or two often come to mind. But while that picture may inspire the naturalists among us, it might scare off those who consider lying by the pool a major encounter…

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Dude Ranches: The Cowboy Way

Meeting Planning

His name is Little John, and he’s your new best friend. For the last two hours you’ve been skirting heaven, six feet off the ground, straddled across Little John’s wide back and riding comfortable in a creaky leather saddle.The 10 horses in your group have picked up their speed a little into a brisk canter,…

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