The Straight Dope on Marijuana Laws and Meetings


How has the fact that marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in Washington and Colorado impacted meetings in those states?  The effect has been negligible, according to Christopher Durso, who wrote about the issue for Professional Convention Management Association. As Durso points out, the new marijuana laws don’t overturn existing restrictions on smoking in…

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Marketing Your Meetings

Meeting Planning

A riff on the hotelier’s “putting heads in beds,” in the event-planning world it’s sometimes known—none too delicately—as “putting butts in seats.”    In today’s business environment, the task is more challenging than ever. Potential attendees are besieged with opportunities—some face-to-face, some online; their budgets for travel and conference spending may be reduced (just as…

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disney 60th anniversary

An Exciting Year for Disney


Diamond Celebration, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California 60th anniversary celebration and new access program highlight busy period Disney Destinations has seen plenty of excitement during the past year, including the 60th anniversary celebration of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and the implementation of a program at Walt Disney World Resort that significantly enhances guests’ experiences. The…

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August 2015 - Montage Resorts & Hotels

August 2015

One success story after another graces the pages of our August issue. CEO of Montage Hotels and Resorts Alan Fuerstman takes us through his five ultra-luxe properties from Laguna Beach, California to Kapalua Bay, Hawaii. The brand takes an unscripted, yet gracious approach to hospitality that guests can look forward to in the new lifestyle collection…

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Downtowns on the Rise

Meeting Planning

The result of this ongoing transition is an unprecedented renaissance in U.S. downtowns, underwritten by a combination of public and private funding and spurred by the growth of the technology industry—not to mention vision and community process. Fortunately, the foundations for these renewals were often in place: a multitude of architectural assets, underutilized land available…

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Top 5 Most Popular Headlines of 2013

Meeting Planning

It was the year that the Transportation Security Administration expanded its PreCheck program, easing the screening process for many frequent fliers; the year that Hilton went public and took aim at the young-travelers market; and the year of the automobile-eating rabbits. None of those stories were quite as popular as the following five news items,…

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Myths Debunked

Meeting Planning

It’s almost hard to imagine, but when the commercial airline industry took off in the ’50s, flying was considered a luxury. Back then, stylishly dressed flight attendants served delicious meals and splashy cocktails on airplanes en route to exotic locales. Airports were the elegant portals to the passage, where passengers carried snazzy suitcases and pilots…

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PCMA Announces Future Conference Destinations


Jan. 14, 2011 Now that PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference has ended, the association released future conference dates for industry professionals to ponder. PCMA’s Board of Directors already decided on San Diego for the 2012 conference and Orlando, Fla., for the 2013 one. More recently, the board of directors approved Boston as the location for the…

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Mr. Smart E. Pants September 2010

Hotels & Resorts

Dear Mr. Smart E. Pants, I’m interested in starting a career in meeting and event planning. Do you have any tips on how to get a job in the industry? Thanks, Julie Staganopolis Knoxville, TN Dear Julie, We all know the economy is bad and every industry is suffering, so I’m not going to go…

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Law Changes Affect Arizona Tourism


In the story “Laws, Boycotts & Contracts” in our August issue, Robert Sumner, Esq., wrote about the controversial Arizona law that made it a crime for immigrants to be in the state without carrying immigration documentation. The column noted that U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva called for a boycott of the law by asking organizations to…

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