10 Tips to Help Meeting Professionals Become Mentally Tougher

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In order to be successful, meeting professionals must be smart, efficient, resilient and mentally tough. In her book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, psychotherapist Amy Morin states that genetics, personality and life experience all contribute to one’s mental strength. A posting on Business Insider details Morin’s philosophy. Meeting professionals can grow their grit…


Infographic: 10 Worst Habits of Air Travelers

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Any frequent traveler knows a good trip starts with a good flight. You know how much time you need to get to the airport in order to make your flight; you remembered to pack your airplane pillow, your ear plugs, and your favorite snack. You have enough seasons of your go-to TV show loaded up on your…


5 Tweets From Far-Flung Locations

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Event professionals may send tweets from far-flung locations, but has tracked the Twitter feeds of scientists tweeting from really remote destinations such as outer space or deep undersea. Since its introduction in 2006, the interactive social media platform Twitter has taken the world by storm. Each second, approximately 6,000 tweets are sent out into…


Hybrid Meetings: Big Effort, Big Reward

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Strategy and preparation can extend reach and boost ROI In the past several years, the potential value of meetings has gone up significantly due to the ability to conduct them in a hybrid manner. But what exactly does hybrid mean? In short, a hybrid meeting involves an in-person audience, as well as a remote audience…


Green: More Than a Color for Wineries

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Wine has been produced for thousands of years and by many cultures—and yet the industry still comes down to one common element: the grape. A 2003 report by archaeologists indicates a likelihood that grapes were mixed with rice to produce a fermented beverage in China in the early years of the seventh millennium B.C. The…


Tech Rentals Make an Impact

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  Meetings, conferences and events have undergone a major change over the past decade, including the increasing importance of technology rentals. They are transforming the landscape of events and driving new goals, from boosting attendee engagement and elevating environmental consciousness to supporting connectivity, mobility and social media.    Here are a few ways tech rentals…


Time for Social Studies

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Listen up, class! It’s time to revisit our social studies education. We’re not talking about history or current events. We’re talking about #mobilesocial, and the burgeoning business of social media-related tools that can help you with your meeting industry tasks. Here’s the lesson plan—and how you can use the tools to ace the class. Vine…


InterContinental to Operate Tallest Hotel in West

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Wilshire Grand construction site by Omar Barcena, courtesy of flickr InterContinental Hotels Groups will operate the hotel in Los Angeles’ Financial District that will be the tallest building in the western United States when it opens in 2017, developers announced on Sept. 23. Hanjin Group and Korean Air, which are spending more than $1.1 billion…

0 and Wix Partnership Makes Event Microsites a Snap

Technology News event microsite Event tech company and web development company Wix announced a partnership today that makes it easier to create microsites for events. Wix users can now incorporate an event-tech solution, including collecting photos, Tweets and videos, into existing websites to promote meetings and conventions. “At, we’re aware that not everyone wants…


7 Tips to Help You Go Hybrid

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Based on a report released by Meetings Professionals International (MPI) in the spring, hybrid meetings are now being embraced more than ever. The second edition of MPI’s new in-depth research publication, Meetings Outlook, reported that 51 percent of those surveyed said their organizations already use virtual and hybrid technologies for meetings and events. Considering that…