E-cards and Videos are Making Our Holidays Bright!

It really wasn’t all that long ago that people proudly displayed dozens of Christmas cards throughout their homes and offices. Cards were placed with care on mantels and on tables and even hung high from ceilings on string as daily reminders of holiday wishes from family and friends.

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Survey: Americans Love Watching Cat Videos In-Flight

Why airliners need in-flight Wi-Fi   A new survey released by Honeywell Aerospace, a supplier of in-flight Wi-Fi hardware, confirms what just about everyone already knew: Americans love their cat videos, and will do just about anything to watch them. The survey, which polled 1,045 Americans between June 6 and June 19, showed in-flight Wi-Fi…

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Spreading Out All Over the Place

Known throughout the hospitality industry for breakthrough innovations and rapid expansion into new markets, Hilton Worldwide recently has been outdoing itself on both fronts. The company’s roots extend back to 1919, when Conrad N. Hilton opened the 40-room Mobley Hotel in the small town of Cisco, Texas. Nearly a century later, Hilton Worldwide has more…

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New Virtual Event Technology Automatically Adjusts Content for Different Devices

New technology announced today can detect whether a user is viewing a virtual event on a Windows Phone, iPad or Android device and automatically adjusts content to give them the best view, without the need for clients to customize different versions for each platform. This device-aware technology is part of a new initiative by San…

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Generations Are Not One Size Fits All

Genergraphics is the study of generations, their mindsets and the influence they have. It’s also the brainchild of Phil Goodman, whose work in the field is well regarded and based on a 25-year compilation of generational research, case studies and defined statistics. Goodman has been able to help Fortune 500 companies accomplish goals by tailoring…

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5 Music Videos Filmed in Hawaii

Where it’s @:Top 5 Music Videos Filmed in Hawaii

In our most recent issue (link here), I wrote about famous TV shows and movies filmed on the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai. Over the years, these locales have set the scene in everything from Lost to Indiana Jones to Pirates of the Caribbean. But it’s not just the silver screen and boob tube…

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Hotels Offer Digital All-in-One

Finding and booking a hotel just got easier. Touted as a ‘24/7 mobile concierge’ the SmartStay phone app keeps customers in touch with hotels before, during and after their stay. It’s a hotel booker, concierge desk and city guide rolled into one convenient app. Developed by the O’Rourke Hospitality Marketing product, the SmartStay app is…

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All for One And One for All

Cowboys and Indians, a rite of passage for millions of children, is often the first role-playing experience they will encounter in their lives. This iconic matchup, of course, is simply one variation of hundreds of scenarios used by children across the globe to bring to life their favorite heroes and villains, but the effect is…

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4 Reasons to Use Facebook Live Video Streaming for Events

Live streaming is quickly becoming the next big thing in meetings and events, with planners taking full advantage of the benefits of having live video of speeches, activities and even behind-the-scenes goings-on. Facebook recently updated its live video streaming app, Facebook Live, with features that make it even more exciting for planners and attendees. Here…

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Techno Files: Unwrap Results

Digital gift bags are efficient, economical and best of all—measurable If you haven’t received one yet, it’s coming. It’s lightweight, you won’t forget it under your chair after the keynote, you won’t feel guilty tossing out what you don’t use and there’s no need to make room in your suitcase to bring it home. Swag…

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